Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) is a framework in which teachers use common instructional strategies in all subjects of our school.  These strategies increase rigor of our classrooms thereby preparing all of our students for high school, college, and beyond.  AVID strategies revolve around and integrate five important components of education:  Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading. 


More information:  www.avid.org


Organization and AVID at EVMS

 At EVMS, we intentionally teach organizational strategies to our students. It is required that all students carry a standard three ring binder (at least 3 inches) to each class. As an AVID school, we believe, the standard binder is an effective organizational tool used by students to support independence and larger educational success. This organizational tool provides a system for storage and organization of materials, notes, and student work in order to support learning at school, as well as at home.


Additionally, students are expected to use their planner to organize their assignment due dates, testing days, parent communication, and other important aspects of their educational day.  Managing time is one of the most helpful skills a student can learn.  At EVMS, we are committed to teaching our students these lifelong organizational strategies.



Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is designed to help students prepare for and succeed in high school and college. Our AVID Elective classes offer a rigorous program of instruction, intentionally preparing students for high school, college and beyond.  The AVID program teaches students how to study, read for content, take notes, organize, and manage time. Students participate in collaborative study groups, or tutorials, led by tutors who use skillful questioning to bring students to a higher level of understanding.                   


What the AVID Elective is . . .

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.

The AVID Elective is an in-school academic support program that prepares students for college eligibility and success.

The AVID Elective advocates for minority, rural, low-income, and other students with or without a college-going tradition in their families.

The AVID Elective is for ALL students, but intentionally recognizes those in the academic middle.


What AVID is NOT . . .

AVID is NOT a remedial program.

AVID is NOT a alternative program.

AVID is NOT a college outreach program

Who is an AVID Elective Student?  

AVID students are students in the academic middle, capable of completing a college preparatory path with support. These students often are not realizing their full potential academically. In the identification process a number of criteria are considered, including:



Desire and Determination

First in Family to Attend College

Historically Underrepresented ethnicity in 4-year Colleges

Other Special Circumstances


While all of the criteria are considered for acceptance into the program, no single criteria will necessarily eliminate a student from consideration. Students interested in taking the AVID Elective class should contact our school counselor for an application.  Students can be enrolled in these classes in the fall and at semester.



 AVID students will participate in all aspects of the AVID Elective Class including discussions, presentations, field trips, when appropriate, and lessons.


AVID students will exhibit a pattern of behavior that demonstrates respect to teachers, peers and one’s self.  AVID Elective students are the face of AVID and leaders within EVMS.  All behavior must reflect this.


AVID students must be at school whenever possible.  AVID Elective classes will be giving a grade for attendance.  


AVID students must arrive to all classes on time.  Each tardy will result in a .5 deduction from their attendance grade.


AVID students will be put on probation for any F grade in any class.  They will be given support and guidance for 4 weeks with the expectation that the grade is improved within this timeframe.


We ask that all AVID Elective students try.  Showing effort, no matter the task, is a lifelong skill that is needed to be successful in advancing academically.

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