2018-19 School Supply List, AVID Info and PE ORDERING INFO

2018-19 School Supply List
School Supplies



EVMS Parents and Guardians,

This year East Valley Middle School is focusing on helping all of our students become better organized at school and in life.  As part of this focus we are asking every student to have the following school supplies (these supplies were provided to students, by the school, for the 2018/19 school year): * EVMS academic planner * 6 pocket dividers 
* 4 college ruled spiral notebooks * Pencil Pouch * 3 inch or larger 3-ring binder * College ruled paper

We also request that students bring the following:

  • 2 composition notebooks
  • 2 Fine tip black permanent markers
  • 1 package of highlighters (blue, orange, green, pink, yellow)
  • Pencils (#2 lead – 1 or 2 packages)
  • Pens (1 or 2 packages of black, blue for daily writing. The one red, green, or purple for corrections)
  • Scissors
  • Erasers
  • Colored pencils (1 pack of 8 or more)
  • Colored markers (1 pack of 8 or more)
  • Glue sticks
  • Ruler (in/cm)
  • Compass
  • Protractor (small)
  • Scientific calculator – Please label with your student’s name
  • Graph Composition Notebook
  • College ruled notebook paper

These are organizational tools will be used by all the staff here at EVMS.  There is an expectation that all students have their binder with them everyday and during every class period. Teachers will be expecting their students to write down their homework and other class assignments in the academic planner, take notes in the notebooks, have pencils in the pencil pouch, and put other paperwork/handouts in the pocket dividers to take home or keep safe.  Weekly binder checks will be done in their Homeroom class to ensure they have and are using it for its intended purpose.

The student should also be bringing their binder home every night as it will have their homework assignments and other important paperwork in it.  To make this work, consistency will be key. The following are some things you can do to help

  • Completed homework can and should go in the pocket dividers to keep it from getting lost before they even get home.  
  • Papers for you to sign should be in the pockets and once you’ve signed you can ensure they get back in the binder pockets so they get back to school.
  • Please use these tools in conversations with your child or when you’re assisting them with school work.


Have questions about what their learning or doing in a particular class?  Each class will have its own section for you to see child’s notes, completed assignments, and other paperwork.

Lastly, if the binder or any of the other item become lost, broken or damaged to the point of unusable it is the student and families responsibility to replace.  Any replacement binder must be a 3 ring, 3 or 4 inch binder. Image result for avid


 East Valley Middle School P.E. Uniforms are MANDATORY for the year.

Uniforms will be delivered to the school.  See below for ordering details:


Step 1:  Go to http://eastvalleype.deco-apparel.com

Step 2:  Select the item you wish to order

Step 3:  Add items to your cart and then select "continue shopping" to select your next item. When finished select "checkout" 

Step 4: Follow the provided prompts for checkout 

Step 6:  Check your email for an order confirmation to keep for your records.

                   *Uniforms and athletic (non-skid) shoes are required.

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